WisBar Advance 3-full

Vytvořeno 04.05.2009 16:11:13 | Poslední změna 04.05.2009 16:14:20

Pro WM6:


Pro WM5:


Uses a smaller memory footprint than WisBar Advance 2
Customize the close button, the screen orientation and the SIP on a per-application basis
Switch between any application currently running on your device
Provides a cascading start menu (as in the screenshot)
Tap and hold the OK button to cancel a dialog
Add or remove functions to the taskbar
Each button on the taskbar can be assigned a tap and a tap-and-hold action
Place shortcuts in the system tray for easier access from the Today screen
Customize a "User Menu" with applications of your choosing
Change the appearance of the taskbar, menubar, buttons and start menu in any program
Supports QVGA and VGA devices
Customize the clock's appearance on the taskbar
Hear sounds for system events, just like on your desktop
Download and install themes created by other people